About Us:

During 2013, the members of Bethel united Methodist Church answered the call to open a Christian preschool as a Ministry of the Church. The Bethel Preschool Advisory Board was formed and the work began with much prayer, energy and excitement! With God's guidance, the Bethel Christian Preschool opened its doors on September 2, 2014!

The Bethel Christian Preschool's loving and experienced teachers align the curriculum to the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards as they promote each child's intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth in a safe, creative and nurturing environment.

Preschool Advisory Board Members:

  • Barb Hanlon (Chair)
  • Ron Brien
  • Pastor Jacqueline Hines
  • Joyce Shutt
  • Trish Richards
  • Joan Spiece
  • Statement of Faith

    We Believe that:

    Each child is a one of a kind precious gift from God!

    Each child has his/her own unique background, family situation and set of experiences!

    Each child needs unconditional love!

    Each child needs a sense of worth!

    Each child needs to feel a sense of accomplishment!

    Each child needs to have a safe place to be themselves!

    Each child needs to be able to express their feelings!

    Each child needs to be surrounded by adults who love them!

    Each child needs to experience the love of God!