March 2020 Newsletter


What I liked best about BCP:

  • The teachers!! Happy with everything
  • The developments and milestones that were taught. New to a lot of the crafting and now it’s normal to make fun stuff with scissors, glue, etc.
  • I love the education that my son has received. He has grown so much during his time with you.
  • God oriented and great with kids
  • The wonderful teachers and the love they show the kids while disciplining at the same time. My child loves school and that means a ton!
  • How much my daughter learned
  • The great teachers
  • Small size; kind teachers; the playground that encourages parent interaction; location (super close to our house);timing worked well with kindergarten pick up; parent teacher conferences; willingness to work with dietary restrictions
  • Children’s spiritual growth was nurtured as well as other areas; how all instruction was related thematically; strong parent communication – sharing of what was done each day and how to practice skills at home
  • The variety of things the kids learn throughout the year…and the amount of fun they have learning… The infusion of sharing God’s love, learning about God and prayer sets a great faith foundation… and the loving care provided by Miss Janet and Miss Kristy J
  • So many things!!! I like how each child gets individual attention while still being a part of a group. I also loved the creative ways of teaching.
  • Schedule; incorporating God; teachers; special events/field trips
  • Their love and spiritual direction for our son. The environment was amazing and Miss Janet and Miss Kristy were awesome. They helped our son to grow and learn in a safe and loving environment! Love their encouragement and daily lessons.
  • One on one – low student to teacher ratio, more opportunity for individual instruction. My daughter loves her teachers and the classroom- truly enjoys coming to school.
  • I really like how scripture and biblical principles were incorporated daily in the curriculum. I liked the one on one teaching and personal connection the teachers made with each student. I appreciated how each day Miss Janet met with the parents to share and explain the activities that happened. We would highly recommend BCP to anyone with a preschooler!
  • We asked our PreK Class .... What did you like best about Bethel Christian Preschool?

  • Damien: I liked everything we painted!
  • Desmond: I liked that I made new friends!
  • Jayce: I liked that we played games!
  • Luke: I liked that I could feed Fluffernutter at Lunch With Friends!
  • Maia: I like when we hatched the chicks!
  • Molly: I liked playing in the sand at the Science Table!
  • Tate: I liked that we danced to the Bounce and Boogie!